Kitchen Cabinets for Apartments

American Cabinet Inc. is an industry leader when it comes to designing, manufacturing and installating kitchen and bathroom cabinets, or taking on other projets in apartment-type buildings.
We take care of everything from A to Z to guarantee optimal project coordination and, as a result, your peace of mind.


Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you want to install the same kitchen in all units or require custom rooms, we will be able to provide whatever you need. We design cabinets and layout designs that are functional, aesthetic and contemporary. All at a competitive price.

We offer a wide range of materials, finishes, colors and shapes to match each person’s tastes. Our products can be seamlessly integrated into any environment, with any style.

Our kitchen designers create pleasant and ergonomic spaces while maximizing storage. You can improve the functionality, convenience and aesthetics of your buildings thanks to our expertise.


What we can offer you 

— An Expert Team
To build a space for you that strikes a balance between budget, trends and functionality, for optimal design
— Professional Work
We ensure meticulous work and a quality finish for all kitchen and bathroom cabinets in your apartments.
— Remarkable customer service
Our customer service is fast and efficient, making it easy for you to manage your project without hiccups.

High quality standards 

Our Quality Apartment Cabinets

Reach out to our kitchen and bathroom cabinet specialists to design rooms that occupants will love. We adhere to a meticulous and professional work ethic throughout the process. From drawings to installation, nothing is left to chance. We source quality materials, thanks to our select suppliers, and we manufacture our products according to the most stringent standards in the industry. By working with us, you will experience a hassle-free, fast and reliable process, plus impeccable results.

Quality & Service


Our company can meet all your needs, ranging from high-end to more conventional styles, all manufactured according to architect specifications, available budgets, tastes and requirements. Kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and custom furniture are crafted by our team of professionals.
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