Kitchen Cabinets for Multi-Units

American Cabinet offers a complete service from drawing to installation through sales, machining, assembly and shipping. Whether for a seniors’ residence, an office tower or a residential building, our experts will advise you at every stage of the project.


Functional Kitchen Cabinets

From manufacturing to installation, American Cabinet Inc. will make sure to deliver impeccable results for your kitchen cabinets.

Regardless of the size and layout of the available space, our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to designing creative, ergonomic, modern and competitively priced plans. You will be able to choose the colors and materials used to craft your cabinets, in order to match your preferred style. Whether you want to install the same kitchen from one unit to another or create custom rooms, our specialists will guide you based on architect specifications, budget and functionality.


Our expertise 

— A Precise Evaluation

Tell us about your requirements and we will provide you with a detailed and precise quote, demonstrating our transparency and our commitment.

— Unparalleled Expertise

Relying on the most modern software, our team will conceptualize your project by pushing the boundaries of design and functionality.

— Office Towers

Our team will remain available and accessible throughout the project. We will never leave you hanging.
High quality standards 

Quality Cabinets for Multi-Unit Buildings

We are proud to consistently design and manufacture kitchen and bathroom cabinets that are delivered on time and within the budget. This ensures that there are no delays or cost overruns. Our kitchen designers develop layout designs to create pleasant and ergonomic spaces while maximizing storage. Whether you are planning a renovation project or a new build, you can trust our expertise. With us, you will be able to improve the functionality, convenience, and aesthetics of your buildings. Our high standards in terms of quality guarantee an impeccable finish that is sure to please contractors, architects, owners, occupants and employees alike.

Quality & Service


Our company can meet all your needs, ranging from high-end to more conventional styles, all manufactured according to architect specifications, available budgets, tastes and requirements. Kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and custom furniture are crafted by our team of professionals.
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