Kitchen Cabinets for Condos

At American Cabinet Inc., our specialty is designing, manufacturing and installating kitchen and bathroom cabinets, as well as carrying out other projects. Ask our team for help to create standard or custom furniture in your condominium.


Custom Cabinets for Condos

Our multidisciplinary team designs creative, ergonomic, contemporary and competitively priced designs. Whether the projet is a renovation or a new build, we take into account both the budgets and deadlines that have been agreed upon. There will be no delays on construction sites, and no cost overruns.

You can request a standard kitchen in all units or customize each space. Our wide selection of materials, colors, finishes and shapes will allow you to create products that match buyers’ exact tastes and plans. Improve the functionality, convenience and aesthetics of your buildings with the help of our expertise.


An expert team 

— Service from A to Z

American Cabinet offers a full service for cabinets: from layout designs to final delivery.

— 3D Simulations

Our designer will create 3D simulations, allowing you to visualize the space and make appropriate adjustments.

— Impeccable Customer Service

Our fast and efficient customer service makes it easy for you to manage your project without any hiccups.
High quality standards 

Quality Kitchen Cabinets

In terms of quality, our high standards guarantee a flawless finish that will please contractors, architects, homeowners and future buyers alike. We carefully choose materials and manufacture our products according to the latest technologies. The 3D simulations presented by our kitchen designers allow you to clearly picture the result and avoid unpleasant surprises. We will help you launch your next condominium project with peace of mind.
Quality & Service


Our company can meet all your needs, ranging from high-end to more conventional styles, all manufactured according to architect specifications, available budgets, tastes and requirements. Kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and custom furniture are crafted by our team of professionals.
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